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Enjoy tiny, but comfortable, living space with granny flats

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Lifestyle needs vary from one homeowner to another. Some families prefer living in a large home, while others prefer a simpler but more functional space. That is perhaps the reason why granny flats have dotted the Australian landscape over the years, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, websites like http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ started as a dream to provide affordable housing to Australians.

Peace of mind in a tiny package

For some Aussie homeowners, living in a tiny home is better than drowning in debt that they have to pay for years. You will have more peace and can focus your energy on sustaining your daily living, instead of constantly working just to pay off your mortgage.

If you are planning to embark on this journey and transition into a tiny living, try installing a granny flat in your property. You can stay in your tiny space while leasing out your big house and use the lease money to pay off your mortgage.

An alternate form of living

If you have elderly that you want to personally care for, a granny flat is an ultimate solution. You can grant them a bit of independence while continuing to provide them with companionship and tender loving care.

If you have grownup children who wish to move out of your home, a granny flat is also the best way for them to be independent. They can your granny flat to ease their transition into adulthood. This helps you keep tabs their whereabouts without taking away their freedom.

A lot of adults these days still prefer to live with parents. And, if you are blessed to have kids who are hesitant to move to a distant place, having a granny flat is an ideal choice. Either you can lease your flat to them or you can move to the flat and lease your home to your adult children and give them the chance to start their own family and witness them grow into mature and responsible adults.

Contacting experts at http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ is a smart move. This ensures that the structure is built according to standards and tailor-fit to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

A space to call your own

If you have no plans of having your elderly seniors or adult children to live in your granny flat, you can use the space for your own tiny little haven.

Imagine coming home into a cosy space that allows you to strip into your PJs, sip your coffee or tea, and simply have some “me time” right in the comfort of your own home. We can’t always have the luxury to go to a salon or have a vacation. So, why not create your own little piece of heaven in your property and recharge your inner batteries away from the crowd.

An expert’s touch

When it comes to granny flats, not just any contractor will do. If you want to build one for your loved ones, make sure to hire only the best team with the right experience and expertise. As the country’s top manufacturer of portable cabins, Vanhomes has gained a reputation for their excellent work. With the right materials, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional service, you will never go wrong when you choose Vanhomes. You may visit http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ for more details.

Cleaning an Air Duct is not a Problem

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The air duct is a part of a building or a house that can be easily ignored. But, over time this could cause mounting problems. People that have allergy problems may find these increasing. There might be a greater susceptibility to asthma attacks. Colds and flu seem to increase. Over all, the air moving around the house starts to smell stale and heavy. This could all be down to an increasingly filthy air duct system. There is a way of solving this. That is by calling in a professional company that can clean the whole HVAC system thoroughly. In particular, a Portland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac system could be the solution. This service also extends to cleaning the HAVC blower and evaporator coils, and all ducts. Vent covers, especially any external ones, are carefully cleaned. This is another area where debris can build up. Most air duct filters only filter out a small percentage of pollutants. External smogs and air pollution will also find its way inside, if the system is not properly cleaned regularly.

air duct cleaning

What Could be in the Air Vent System and Further Costs

Any animal small enough, especially rodents and in particular squirrels, can find their way into an air ventilation system and basically die there. This could also be the case with birds. These could carry no end of bacteria and diseases on them. There may be fungi and molds in a loft or roof space that will start to circulate around the system..

In the building or house itself, there are a number of worrying statistics. The NADCA, an organization that is responsible for the investigation and testing of air duct systems,estimates that an average 6 room house will produce 40lbs of dirt and dust along with resulting allergens, a year. Around 40,000 dust mites can be found in an once of dust. According to the EPA, ( the US environmental agency), the air indoors can be in the region of 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside.

If this was not enough, another good reason for contacting a company likePortland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac, is that this could save money in the long run. A dirty system will be an inefficient system. Over time, more power will be needed to move air around increasingly clogged up air ducts. This will result in possibly larger power bills. The system, under stress could probably develop faults, resulting in an expensive repair bill.

How the system works.

The core concept is very simple. A truck parked outside of a building becomes in effect a large Hoover or Vacuum cleaner. The Willard Power Vac is inside the truck. A hose is then fed into the venting ducts, or the furnace system of a commercial building. All the return air registers and air vents are systematically cleaned. A special brush can be used to remove any surfaces where dirt and debris may be really encrusted. This Portland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac service will ensure there is a return to a clean and efficient air ventilation and heating system.

For more information on the available services please visit this web site to find out what ca be offered from Willard Power Vac: http://willardductcleaning.com


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Poorly done paint jobs and use of low grade paints can really leave a distasteful look on the walls, regardless of how beautiful the building is. Paint problems do not only hamper your efforts of creating a gorgeous décor and appealing aesthetics but may really leave a dent on your professional outlook especially in your business premises – and we all know how important impression is in business. Without further ado here are some common paint problems that you should know of and how professional painters Melbourne services can help you solve them.

1.   Peeling layers of paint

Layers of paint peeling away from the wall are unpleasant to the eyes and very embarrassing to be honest. This problem is usually a result of poor adhesion whereby layer of primer is applied below the top coat or by simply applying multiple coats of paint. Whenever you see this, it means that there is either moisture in the wall or your contractor used low quality paint.

An experienced and technical commercial painter will always take time to prepare the surface well before painting. Moreover they will always use high quality paint.

2.   Growth of mildew on the wall

Mildew is commonly caused by lack of adequate light and dampness on the surface. Treating the area with house bleach will get rid of any mildew. Therefore every time you hire a contractor to paint your place, make sure that they remove any signs of mildew on the surface before painting over it. Also ensure that they use quality paints that have enough fungicide to prevent any further spreads.

3.   Bubbles and Blistering on the painted surface

If paint was applied on surfaces that were wet or extremely warm, the imbalance of temperature on such surfaces will cause shrinkage/stretch of the paint when it dries, and thus bubbles and blistering are formed from the poor adhesion.

A professional painter in Melbourne should be able to use exhaust fans to ventilate and dry out surfaces before doing the painting.

4.   Peeling paint from galvanized surfaces

It’s quite common for paint to peel away from galvanized metal surfaces that make up beautiful furnishings on the décor. Professional painters Melbourne services should know not to paint on rusted surfaces. Also, they should apply primer before finishing the surface with oil based paint or vinyl latex.

These are just some of the problems that occur whenever a paint job is poorly done. You should have noticed that it takes a great deal of technique, knowledge and experience to pull out a superb work that adds value to the décor and complements the overall furnishing.

By working with reliable painters Melbourne experts such as VJ painting services, you will enjoy quality work done that will remain sparkling over a long period. In addition, such contractors can also be called upon for to provide other decorative services such as wall paper application, suede finishing, two pack, textured wall, spray painting, raging and wall French finishing among other services. Contact them today by clicking http://www.vjpainting.com.au/ and find solutions to your painting problems.