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5 benefits of wooden puzzles for children

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Wooden puzzles are great learning tools that are designed to help your child develop their critical thinking skills while having fun. It is made out of wood and can withstand a beating when your child tries to break or shred it to pieces. You can find a variety of wooden puzzles here:

According to NetParents, many parents prefer buying wooden puzzles for their children because of the benefits it offers. They say that among other toys, wooden puzzles are safer since it is made out of non-toxic paint.

Here’s the list of benefits you can get from buying a wooden puzzle.

1. Self-correcting learning tool

Kids tend to find the right fit for each piece when playing puzzles. Thus, they develop critical thinking skills by identifying shapes, colors, and visuals. However, some puzzles made with different materials tend to bend or break. When this happens, the child’s experience from its previous game with the same puzzle piece will change.

It will make them believe that what they did from before might have been wrong all the time, and it will create a loophole in the development of their problem-solving skills. But with wooden puzzles, it is different because it is intended to last longer and endure rough treatment.

2. Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination

Everything that the eyes see is processed by the brain to accumulate the right actions to everything. Hand-Eye coordination is the ability to coordinate your hands from these actions. Improving this ability will greatly benefit your child in the future, such as enhancing their focus and observation skills. Wooden puzzles are a great way to practice and develop such skills.

3. Enhance motor ability

Motor ability is the coordination of your muscles and brain. Your child needs enough strength to carry out actions dictated by their brain. In order for them to be better at it, they need to develop their hand and finger’s muscles for grasping and gripping. Wooden puzzles are heavy enough and will serve as good practice in enhancing your child’s motor ability. This type of skills will help them as they grow up, such as holding a pencil or crayon as they enter school. You can find different sizes and shapes of wooden puzzles here:

4. Improve their sense of persistence

Solving a puzzle is addicting. Thus, it is hard for your child to quit halfway through the game without giving their best. After solving it, the child will gain a sense of accomplishment and a boost in their confidence, which will make them want to play it again until they are satisfied. This kind of situation will help your child improve their sense of persistence. Persistence in a real-life situation is a great ability to have in achieving your child’s goals and dreams.

5. Adaptability

When your children play a wooden puzzle, the back of their head is trying to figure out the structure of the game and design. Aside from improving their critical thinking, they also enhance their adaptability in the process. Making mistakes and learning from them is your brain’s way of adapting new information, which will come in handy as they grow older.

These are the top 5 benefits of wooden puzzles that your kids can enjoy. You may also for more information.