Cleaning an Air Duct is not a Problem

The air duct is a part of a building or a house that can be easily ignored. But, over time this could cause mounting problems. People that have allergy problems may find these increasing. There might be a greater susceptibility to asthma attacks. Colds and flu seem to increase. Over all, the air moving around the house starts to smell stale and heavy. This could all be down to an increasingly filthy air duct system. There is a way of solving this. That is by calling in a professional company that can clean the whole HVAC system thoroughly. In particular, a Portland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac system could be the solution. This service also extends to cleaning the HAVC blower and evaporator coils, and all ducts. Vent covers, especially any external ones, are carefully cleaned. This is another area where debris can build up. Most air duct filters only filter out a small percentage of pollutants. External smogs and air pollution will also find its way inside, if the system is not properly cleaned regularly.

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What Could be in the Air Vent System and Further Costs

Any animal small enough, especially rodents and in particular squirrels, can find their way into an air ventilation system and basically die there. This could also be the case with birds. These could carry no end of bacteria and diseases on them. There may be fungi and molds in a loft or roof space that will start to circulate around the system..

In the building or house itself, there are a number of worrying statistics. The NADCA, an organization that is responsible for the investigation and testing of air duct systems,estimates that an average 6 room house will produce 40lbs of dirt and dust along with resulting allergens, a year. Around 40,000 dust mites can be found in an once of dust. According to the EPA, ( the US environmental agency), the air indoors can be in the region of 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside.

If this was not enough, another good reason for contacting a company likePortland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac, is that this could save money in the long run. A dirty system will be an inefficient system. Over time, more power will be needed to move air around increasingly clogged up air ducts. This will result in possibly larger power bills. The system, under stress could probably develop faults, resulting in an expensive repair bill.

How the system works.

The core concept is very simple. A truck parked outside of a building becomes in effect a large Hoover or Vacuum cleaner. The Willard Power Vac is inside the truck. A hose is then fed into the venting ducts, or the furnace system of a commercial building. All the return air registers and air vents are systematically cleaned. A special brush can be used to remove any surfaces where dirt and debris may be really encrusted. This Portland air duct cleaning: Willard Power Vac service will ensure there is a return to a clean and efficient air ventilation and heating system.

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