Poorly done paint jobs and use of low grade paints can really leave a distasteful look on the walls, regardless of how beautiful the building is. Paint problems do not only hamper your efforts of creating a gorgeous décor and appealing aesthetics but may really leave a dent on your professional outlook especially in your business premises – and we all know how important impression is in business. Without further ado here are some common paint problems that you should know of and how professional painters Melbourne services can help you solve them.

1.   Peeling layers of paint

Layers of paint peeling away from the wall are unpleasant to the eyes and very embarrassing to be honest. This problem is usually a result of poor adhesion whereby layer of primer is applied below the top coat or by simply applying multiple coats of paint. Whenever you see this, it means that there is either moisture in the wall or your contractor used low quality paint.

An experienced and technical commercial painter will always take time to prepare the surface well before painting. Moreover they will always use high quality paint.

2.   Growth of mildew on the wall

Mildew is commonly caused by lack of adequate light and dampness on the surface. Treating the area with house bleach will get rid of any mildew. Therefore every time you hire a contractor to paint your place, make sure that they remove any signs of mildew on the surface before painting over it. Also ensure that they use quality paints that have enough fungicide to prevent any further spreads.

3.   Bubbles and Blistering on the painted surface

If paint was applied on surfaces that were wet or extremely warm, the imbalance of temperature on such surfaces will cause shrinkage/stretch of the paint when it dries, and thus bubbles and blistering are formed from the poor adhesion.

A professional painter in Melbourne should be able to use exhaust fans to ventilate and dry out surfaces before doing the painting.

4.   Peeling paint from galvanized surfaces

It’s quite common for paint to peel away from galvanized metal surfaces that make up beautiful furnishings on the décor. Professional painters Melbourne services should know not to paint on rusted surfaces. Also, they should apply primer before finishing the surface with oil based paint or vinyl latex.

These are just some of the problems that occur whenever a paint job is poorly done. You should have noticed that it takes a great deal of technique, knowledge and experience to pull out a superb work that adds value to the décor and complements the overall furnishing.

By working with reliable painters Melbourne experts such as VJ painting services, you will enjoy quality work done that will remain sparkling over a long period. In addition, such contractors can also be called upon for to provide other decorative services such as wall paper application, suede finishing, two pack, textured wall, spray painting, raging and wall French finishing among other services. Contact them today by clicking and find solutions to your painting problems.

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