Common types of student accommodation in Australia

Australia has been the third-largest number of international students based on Rediff. Thus, if you are also eyeing this country for your study abroad destination, you need to find a good place to stay, first.

You can choose from plenty of student accommodation types, such as the student housing Australia has today. However, when deciding on the type of accommodation, you should always consider your taste and preference, first. These might include the number of roommates you want or/and the surroundings that you prefer, such as having a quiet or busy environment.

Nevertheless, even if you know what you want, choosing the right type of accommodation can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Add this to the fact that you can find plenty of good providers of student housing Australia wide. Of course, this will give you a hard time to pick the right place for you to stay.

To help you decide, you can choose from these highly recommended student accommodation types.

1. Boarding House

The rent for boarding houses usually cost $250 to $350 per week. It is quite similar to that for bedsits. One advantage of boarding houses in Australia is that the rent is usually low. Additionally, the landlord can’t increase the rate without the consent of the tenant, as stated in the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 of Australian law.

Remember to make sure you are close to the school you are studying when finding the right boarding house so that you can save for transportation expenses. For instance, if you plan on studying at the Australian Catholic University, opt for the closest boarding house you can find from the ACU Brisbane accommodation. Check it out at Student One

2. Home-stay

A homestay is when a student stays in Australian home and is treated as a family member. The rent for homestay usually ranges from $235 to $325 per week. And many students prefer homestay as a type of student housing Australia offers because it allows them to learn the Australian culture firsthand. However, homestay accommodation is usually far from university locations so you still need to spend on transportation cost.

3. Apartments

Students who opt-in for living in apartments usually share it with their friends to save from rent. The rent cost is usually $100 to $350 per week, so you can save more if you share it with two or three friends who are also planning to study in Australia. However, if you also prefer to have it for yourself, you can opt-in for student studio apartments that are smaller than Duplex or loft-type apartments. This way, you can have the whole room for yourself, focus on your study better, and keep your privacy.

4. Off-campus hostels

The off-campus hostel is another type of student residences that students, especially newcomers, opt-in for. It is one of the cheapest student accommodation you can find in the market with prices ranging from $80 to $135 a week.

Most off-campus hostels and guesthouses allow the student to cook in the common areas which help them save food expenses. However, you need to share all amenities with other tenants in the hostels, including bathrooms and kitchens. Needless to say, you’ll have less privacy, especially with the showers.

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